Acne Clinic

Welcome to Parasol’s Acne Clinic. We are a team of Estheticians who are certified Acne Specialists by the Face Reality Acne Clinic. Laura Cooksey, founder of the Face Reality Acne Clinic has been studying and treating Acne for 30+ years. Using the research and developments by the late Dr. James Fulton, a leading Dermatologist and co-developer of Retin-A, Laura created a program and acne product line called “Face Reality”. Her system has been used to successfully help thousands of clients achieve and maintain clear skin.
With continued guidance from the Face Reality Acne Clinic, the Estheticians at Parasol have been implementing this acne clearing system with great success and hope to guide you on your path to healthy, beautiful, clear skin.


Parasol’s Acne Management System consists of an initial consultation which includes a facial treatment followed by 6 “Extractions Only” Facials that are spaced 2 weeks apart throughout a 3 month period.

  • What to expect during your Initial Appointment (90 mins):
    During your initial appointment, your Esthetician will go over with you a packet of information which includes information on food, medications, cosmetics, birth control, stress, lifestyle, etc. She will then analyze your skin to determine your skin type, type of acne and skin tolerance to products. You will receive an exfoliating facial treatment, including extractions. After the treatment, your Esthetician will go over step-by-step the products you will need to use on your skin. We will never recommend products you don’ t need or will aggravate your skin but you are expected to purchase the products we know have been proven to clear acne and use them at home exactly as we advise.


  • What to expect during the “Extractions Only” Facials (20-45 mins):
    For the 3 months following your initial appointment, we want to see you for an “Extractions Only” facial every 2 weeks. These appointments are important because your Esthetician can monitor your progress and make any adjustments needed to your home care routine. A hydrating facial or a gentle peel during this appointment will allow your home care products to work more effectively and extracting existing acne breakouts will get you clear faster. As you move further along in the program, your appointments will get shorter as there will be less lesions to extract.

Some of our Estheticians have been long time acne sufferers themselves so we know how daunting acne can be. Our Estheticians are here to help and guide you through the process of getting you clear. Please remember, in general, it takes most clients 3-4 months to get mostly to completely clear. Throughout some weeks during the program, you might get frustrated because you are not seeing the results you want fast enough. It takes acne 3-4 months to form, so it will take just as long if not longer to get rid of it. Typically, during the first 2 weeks in the program, many do not see visible results. However, after a month, many see a huge difference in their skin. There is no fast or easy way to combat acne so your patience and diligence in using the products as instructed is essential in getting your skin clear and keeping it clear.

Initial Appointment: $175.00, 90 mins

Extractions Only Facial, paid per visit: $125

Pre-paid package of 6 Extractions Only Facials: $600