“Laura is my GIRL. I’d never had an eyebrow wax before and was worried about handing over my ‘brows to a total stranger, but I am starting a professional career and knew it was time to look the part. The experience itself was fantastic: quick check-in, efficient and thorough waxing, clean and beautiful waiting and procedure rooms. But my ‘brows–my goodness. Every time I looked in the mirror I loved them more. I took a photo and called my mom and retook my Christmas card picture. And on top of it all, Laura is just the loveliest person! She’s easy to talk to (and interesting herself) and really cares about what you want. Plus, after you tell her about your crazy work and your crazy boyfriend and your crazy life, she’ll remember it all and ask you about it the next time. Basically, I’m a life-long convert to Parasol Beauty!” -JESSICA