Brow Bar / Body Waxing

Welcome to Parasol’s Brow Bar.  Julice has been sculpting and designing brows for the Palo Alto community for over 15 years.  She has built a reputation for being a perfectionist, customizing the perfect set of brows for thousands of clients.  By considering all the features of your face, Julice and her elite team of Brow Artists will design a set of brows that are uniquely yours.

*Please note: All new clients to Parasol for brows must book a “Brow Design”.  All subsequent visits can be booked as a “brow wax”or “brow tweeze”.


  Julice Team
Brow and Lip $85 $55
Brow and Bikini   $85
Brow and Brazilian   $125


  Julice Team
Brow Design (First Time Clients) $100 $50
Brow Wax $75 $40
Brow Tweeze $80 $45
Cheeks   $20
Chin   $20
Full Face (excluding brows)   $65
Full Face (including brows)   $85
Jawline   $25
Lip   $20
Neck   $30
Nose   $25
Sideburns   $20


Bikini $50
Brazilian $90
Full Arm $60
1/2 Arm $50
Full Leg $95
1/2 Leg $80
Stomach $40
Underarm $40
Back $85
Buttocks $40
Chest $85