How will my color age?

Color, whether in the skin, in your hair, or in a still object will all fade with time. When exposed to UV light, that speeds up the fading process, as does constant use of acids and exfoliating agents in facial products such as glycolic, salicylic, vitamin A, etc…Always apply sunscreen and avoid using acids directly onto your permanent makeup to ensure your color stays vibrant longer.

Permanent makeup is sometimes called “Semi-Permanent Makeup”.  All color fades so it will need to be refreshed over time. The methods Julice uses lend for a very soft, natural look.  She uses gentle pressure, which allows her to create a set of brows that look very natural.  At Parasol, we believe a natural look is a better option than packing in color or going too deep into the skin, resulting in brows that are too harsh, which makes it look more artificial.  We see your face as a delicate canvas that changes over time. Julice’s method ensures that as you age, she will have the flexibility to change the shape and color.  Julice’s goal is to make you look naturally beautiful with or without makeup.  She strongly believes it is better to make the brows look natural and if you would like a more dramatic look, you can always pencil or powder them in with topical makeup.  Once you go too thick, too dense or too deep with permanent makeup, turning back is a painful process, if it is even possible.