My Permanent Makeup Appointment


Your Permanent Makeup procedure is booked for 2 hours. Once you arrive, you will fill out a client history and consent form.  Julice will topically draw a set of eyebrows on your face. Once you and Julice have agreed on the shape, she will apply a topical anesthetic on the brows. Color selection will begin at this point.  She will blend a combination of colors that will look best on your face; colors that will compliment your skin undertones. This ensures your permanent makeup will look good no matter what color you choose to dye your hair. Once the color choice has been agreed upon, Julice will assemble her equipment (using all disposable supplies, including needles) and begin the procedure. Depending on the method used, it usually takes between 3-4 passes on each brow to get a good saturation of color. After each pass, she will apply a liquid anesthetic to ensure your comfort throughout the entire service. Once she has completed her work, you can look at the shape together to see if she achieved the results you were looking for. You will then receive after care instructions and we can book your complimentary touch-up visit to take place within 8 weeks of your initial visit.

Please note, we will be taking before and after pictures for our records. Some pictures may be used for marketing purposes.  If you choose to opt out of our marketing efforts, you can simply sign a waiver.